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Sydney has long since outgrown the stigma of its convict origins. What Sydney offers are style, sophistication, and great looks. Most tourists spend their time on Sydney harbor's south side, an area bounded by Chinatown in the south, Harbour Bridge in the north, Darling Harbour to the west, and the beaches and coastline to the east. Two of the most famous Sydney icons are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but there is more to see in Sydney than just these two sights.

Some things you don't want to miss when in Sydney:

There are just a few of the attractions that I hope to hit while in Sydney. I am going abroad on the ECON New Zealand/Australia trip so although I won't be spending my entire time in Sydney (we travel all over), I hope to see as much as I can while in Sydney. I know that we're going on a Sydney Harbour cruise and have four free days in Sydney so I'm going to hit as many as the sights as possible. I'm definitely going to check out the beaches (maybe pick up a cute surfer too!!).

Australian Vocabulary: Dag = fashion victim

As a mentioned previously, I was in Sydney for the entire month of my trip and boy was it breath-taking. The Taronga Zoo is so pretty and so much fun. You get to see the native animals of Australia along with the regular ones you see at home. The kangaroo’s seemed a little drugged up though when we were there b/c all they did was kind of lye around. But still it was cool! My group also did the Sydney Bridge Climb which was amazing. If you get a chance to do it you definitely should. Even though I am a little afraid of heights it was still so much fun. You get an entire view of the whole city of Sydney which is absolutely gorgeous and they take your picture so you can show people that you did it.

If you are in Sydney you must go to Bondi Beach! The water is like a turquoisy crystal blue and the sand is really soft and everything about it is just truly wonderful. I would do anything right now to be back on the beach in Sydney. I am very jealous that you are going to be there in a few months! You are going to have the time of your life!
Wow, I never really thought about going to Australia but just checking out the few attractions that you listed makes me want to go. The bridge climb sounds like something I would really enjoy and the view looked amazing when I went on the link you set up. The beaches are also something that I know I would enjoy. I like going to the beach in general and I’m sure they are much more beautiful then any beaches I have ever seen. I can imagine myself sleeping on the beaches of Australia as I sit here at work (yes I’m doing blog comments at work, a great use of company time). I get more jealous of you getting to go to Australia every time I visit your blog. I’m sure you will have an amazing time and you better send me some pics because I will probably never get to go.
Everything Courtney said is so true we were both on the same study abroad trip to Australia and it was an awesome experience. The Tarragona zoo is defiantly a must the trick about going there is if you are crunched for time take the “Australian" lap around the zoo. Since there are tons of animals at this breath taking zoo it’s silly to look at animals you can see in America so the key is to go on this Australia loop and you get to see all Australian animals. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to enjoy the zoo. You must get your pictures taken with the kolas bears and take the gondola either up or down from the zoo to the ferry. The best part of the zoo is the breathtaking view of the harbor and opera house from various points during your walk through the zoo. Look forward to telling you more tips about Aussie!
I am so glad you posted on the Sydney Opera House, because that is near where I Hill be staying in Australia. Apparently, from what I understand we will be in apartment-style building that overlook the Sydney Opera House. Seems like a great location to me! I am excited to hear that China Town is around there… and I will definitely be spending some time walking around Darling Harbour.

I am also interested in going to the zoo, and I am glad you mentioned the Koala park Sanctuary because many friends have told me there is a place where visitors can hold and feed koalas but none knew the name. Is the sanctuary actually in Sydney? I can’t wait until your next post!

P.S. I'm going to Aussie with the BUAD program, but I have a feeling both groups will definitely meet up while there!
I'm so happy I was able to find your blog. I am going to Australia next winter and actually staying in Sydney the whole time so your advice and everyone's comments is for one making me even more excited but also very informative.

I heard the zoo was awesome and we actually take a trip there. I know we also do a bridge climb and that looks absolutely fabulous.

I was wondering if you found information of what is playing at the Opera House during January since that's when i will be there. Also, we go to the Blue Mountains, Melbourne, and Cairns so any information you can find about those places would be great also!
I didnt know Australia had that many hot spots which attracted tourist. I hear, next to Great Britain, that it is closest to the U.S. within their economy, but it definitely sounds a little more interesting hahaha. The main reason i want to visit Australia is to see some Kangaroos and Kaula Bears (did i even spell that right?) Are they found anywhere else or do they only reside in Australia. I also checked out the BridgeClimb Tour and it looked really intense and something i would definitely have to try if i ever made out there.
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